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Take a deep breath...

Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon, Iceland.

Ice Lagoon

Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon, Iceland.

Slipping away

Icebergs floating in jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon, Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland.

White Ice

Mini Ice bergs from the nearby ice lagoon are firstly washed out to sea through the river that exits the ice lagoon and then the bergs are washed back up onto Jokulsarlon beach, Iceland.

How the story ends...

A Mini Iceberg iies in it's final resting place on the beach at Jokulsarlon, Iceland. Having fallen as rain millenia ago, the water then froze into the nearby glacier where it lay for thousands of year, finally it calfed from the glacier and drifted out to sea and was then washed up on the shore and soon the circle will be complete.

Time Melting

Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon, Iceland.

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